Do you know why 9 of 10 bands will break up and never become famous? Lack of talent? No. Everyone can raise their musical skills for a couple of months. Lack of money? Again, No! You don’t have to be a millionaire for making good music. The answer is very simple. Bands just do.. Nothing! The best way to die in the unknown is to avoid any activity. Creating new content have never been so easy like nowadays. Such a great time! But what’s the problem? Statistically, thousands of bands just release a couple of songs, may be one music video and that’s all. And carreer is over. Why? You don’t have to invent a bicycle, you just have to make what bands do regularly and to improve! And this is the key to popularity. Nothing else!

I want to take a look at band’s activities with videos. It’s very obvious, but if we check out 100 bands, rare band will have all types of videos from this list. While every popular signed band is already doing this! I can’t stop writing this advice – the more content you post, the more people will know about you. This is simple as 2+2. So, if you don’t know what to post on your band’s youtube or facebook accounts – let me show it to you:

Music Video

The most popular type of content for bands and musicians. Of course, quality music video is a business card for every artist. This is a case, when it’s better to have one top quality video, neither than having a couple of low budget and poor quality works. Quality of image really matters, and especially in 2016.

Lyric Video


Lyric Video is like a usual filmed video, but it’s more easier for an artist to make. True price for 99 percent of all lyric videos is somewhere between 150$ and 500$. Of course, the more expensive your video is, the better quality you get. And quality of visuals really works, it makes impression on your viewers. But if you are on a low budget, your lyric video still may be good for posting. While music video for that price in most of cases will look awful.

Streaming Video


If you check out Rise Records youtube channel for example, you may see that they always post streamer videos for new releases. Why? Because streaming videos cost even lower than lyric videos, but with streaming videos bands may upload music on videohostings (facebook, youtube, vimeo). And the more ways you are giving to your possible listeners, the more of them will be used. (It means more fans for you).

Tour Vlogs

If you want to grow – you should tour. Only tours make real bands. Real gigs, real fans, real sales of merch and real memories. If you make even short 5 minute videos about your band on tour, it will supply your video channel with constant traffic. Plus, in tour vlogs your fans may see bands in real life and it will help you to establish better connection with audience.

Band Vlog

When you aren’t on tour, you should generate content too! Remember, exposure may be not huge, but it should be constant. Only regular work on content allows to get new fans at all. Just tell your fans about plans, about what you and bandmates are doing in free time. Your fans need it!

Studio Diary


If you are in recording studio, it’s a great place to shoot video there. Give some exposure to your producer, tell your fans that this new album will be “the most heaviest, the most powerful” thing you’ve ever made! (It’s pretty cliche but it’s true. New album for every musician is always the best.) Present new tones, or some spectacular moves with guitar or drums recording. Be creative.

Playthrough Video


Help your fans to cover your tracks. “What is a name of that super metal chord on 1-21?” It may be hard to cover your songs by ear for some people, so just make it easier for them. Show them your guitarist or drummer during playing. If you add your dynamic tabs over your video that would be really impressive. Like Guitar Hero in reality.

Streams With Fans

If you are planning to release a single and don’t want to create anything else for it – just make a sampler video with your track. That’s simple, but it should be designed properly. If you connect audio with picture in movie maker that’s not the best thing. Check out this sample of song sampler which is doing it right.

Song Sampler


Make live streams answering questions of your fans. Bands always should be connected with the audience. Plus if you are talking to people personally, it makes them more loyal to you. Make your fans your friends.

Gig Invitation

If you are planning to tour, record an invitation to your concert places. Tell some words about future gigs and tell people that your gig will be a real thing for them.

Track - Lyrics Explanation


One important rule of promotion – if you are making a big release, better make a teaser for it. It’s pumping your audience. Teasers are the least watched videos always, but it’s very important. Every regular release may collect much more views if a teaser was posted.



I don’t see this type of videos at all. The last time I’ve seen it in 201 I bet.. Band “We Came As Romans” released all tracks from new album with lyrics explanation. What a great way to know the meaning of the song right from musicians. No more bands are making it nowadays. I even think that this type have a great potential.

If you are going to make all these types of content for your band, believe me, it’s hard to fail. Yes, it’s a long term plan, but to upload one super awesome video and to become a star is impossible, it’s just a fary tale for dreamers. Success is a result of thousands hours of hard work. Improve yourself and show it to the world with updates.

Thank you for reading! And feel free to write in comments if you want to add anything else to this list.

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