As a producer with more than 5 years experience in lyric video production – I’ve seen a lot of lyric videos, and good and really bad. In this article I’ve figured out 5 main rude mistakes almost every lyric video maker does. And novice and sometimes even those who make lyric videos professionally. I really hope that my article will help you to improve your lyric video production vision and level up your lyric video maker’s skills. If you are looking for info about how to make a lyric video for your band by yourself or a lyric video production company. This basics should be known by everybody. Here we go.

1. Wrong Colors
As we know from color theory – color scheme is a set of colors which are used in design. Color schemes make styles and define harmony. All used colors should mix with each other. For example, this is a sample of right color set:

Everything looks stylish and pretty good, viewers don’t feel dissonance, that’s good. And let’s take a look at this one – sample with a wrong color scheme.

Disgusting! Total disharmony. Such thing will push your possible fans away. If you have troubles with getting right color scheme by your eye, you may always use such online services like color scheme generator. It will make your work with lyric video colors much easier.

2. Overproduction. Design of 90s
This mistake is a real vice of all the novice producers. Let’s take a look at this. Lyric video design as a graphic design or any other kind of design has it’s own trends. In 90s trend was – a lot of everything, and now it’s an era of simple designs. If you are trying to add as much effects as you can – that will actually ruin your video look. Just be simple, if you don’t actually know what special kind of effect do you need – it’s better to leave a clean style. Without any additional effects. In any other case you may get such image:

3. Rude Unnatural Animation
One of the most common mistakes ever! There are a lot of special tools and controllers which allow to make animations smooth and natural. And when you are only starting out to work in lyric video production sphere, you may don’t know all of them. That’s okay, you’ll discover it with the time. But in the beginning every lyric video producer makes really rude movements.

4. Low Quality of Used Elements
Final resolution of your lyric video defines standards for elements which are used in lyric videos. Pictures, models and anything else you use in the video should have enough quality to fit your video. If it doesn’t fit – your video won’t look good finally. Use only high-resolution stuff!

5. Careless Positions of Lyrics
The rudest mistake ever! All the lyrics in videos should be placed in right positions. Main goal is to see a harmony in global look. When you see such wrong positions like this:

It really hurts your eyes. It doesn’t make harmony. Lyrics should be placed pretty. That needs much more time than random positioning but it’s worth it.

If you have something else on your mind about rude mistakes in lyric video production please write it, we’ll speak about it.
Thank you for reading!


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