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I know that a lot of people still don’t know what software is used by lyric video makers to make lyric videos. Come on here, I’ll make a full list of all the best programs for making your first lyric video now! By the way, there are not too many of them. Before the start, we just have to define what kind of videos may be done with this software. I’m talking about animated lyrics, kinetic typography, moving words, karaoke and animated lyric videos of course. The right description is a lyric video of course, but these names exist too. Also, it’s necessary to define what do we mean: software to make lyric videos, programs for making lyrics video and tools for animated music video production.

1. After Effects Suite
Adobe After Effects is one of the best programs for lyric video production at all. You can make amazing digital visual effects, motion graphics, compositing and animations with it. Also, may be used for the filmmaking post-production. Of course, everything is actual for lyric video production too. It’s like you have no limits for your ideas, you can make anything that on your mind for a lyric video with After Effects.

There is a huge quantity of different effects which may be produced with AE. This program needs a lot of hours of study, but it worth it. If you want to get the best results in lyric video making – this is your choice. But if you just need something simple, I’d suggest you check out other programs from this list.

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2. Adobe Premiere
Adobe Premiere Pro is an application for video editing. Mostly, it’s used right for editing, it is not very good for lyric video design. It’s possible to make lyric videos with Adobe Premiere program but you’ll get a very simple look for a lyric video, and song lyrics will be always over the video. Lyrics could not be integrated into the scene. But, if you are looking how to make a simple lyric video – take a look at this. The user interface is the same as for After Effects, so you’ll need some time for learning of this soft.

3. Sony Vegas
Sony Vegas is like a limited version of Adobe Premiere. But, it’s a bit more friendly to novice users. Only suitable for super simple lyric videos – just fonts over a picture. Serious lyric video production with Sony Vegas software?  Forget about it.

4. Adobe Photoshop*
Adobe Photoshop is a program for graphics, not for making videos. But, in some cases, you may create beautiful frames for every phrase, and to combine all these scenes in Premiere or Sony Vegas next. Not very common and comfortable, but it’s a way of making lyric videos too. Suitable only for graphic designers and for those who already know how to work with Photoshop and don’t want to spend the time for learning any new software.


5. Windows Movie Maker
Yes, you may create some lyric videos with Windows Movie Maker, but to be honest, it will be awful. This program is from 2000 and it is not good to use it nowadays. It doesn’t give you possibilities for making really good things. Lyric videos which were produced with WMM have a really bad and unprofessional look.

6. Final Cut
If you are working on MAC, I suggest you check out Final Cut program. It is like After Effects, just made by Apple. If your system is not windows and you don’t know how to make a lyric video on MAC – it will be the best choice and will allow you to create amazing lyric videos.

7. iMovie
iMovie is a video editing software application so it’s just an analogue for Premiere or Sony Vegas for MAC. So everything is actual for this program too, just for MACs. We work with Windows based systems so I can’t write a lot of about this. It’s just FYI.

Of course, there are some other programs for video making, but these ones are the most popular. And I’d even say that only 2 of them are really good for lyric video production. I advice you to use After Effects (Windows) or Final Cut (MAC) as a lyric video producer, who have made more than 400 lyric videos for 5 years. Thank you for reading. If you have any other questions about how to make a lyric video please ask me! I will make a lesson for every question.

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