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I remember that day when I’ve decided to make a first lyric video by myself. It was a lyric video for my band’s track. I didnt know anything about how to make a lyric video at all! And if I’ve figured out what to make with the words pretty quickly, I was really confused with the backgrounds for my lyric video. I had no idea what to use for metal lyric video production.

Only with experience you are starting to understand what suits better for the lyric video. Whereas every music style has it’s own standards, and if you have no ideas on what to use as a background in your lyric video – just check out some “main” lyric videos of selected music style.

Here I provide some common standards for lyric videos of different popular music styles. If you dont know how to make your lyric video, especially what to use for the backgrounds, you may always follow these recomendations.

1. Metal Lyric Video – Textures is a must! Rock, sand, earth and etc. Music is heavy and any “dirty” stuff works really good for it. Play with different footages of particles, fire and smoke.

2. Pop Lyric Video – Basement of such videos are different colourful solids. Play with solids and youll get a nice background for your lyric video.

3. Rap Lyric Video – Usually a mix of dark textures and solids works good for this type of lyric videos. Try to mix them together, play with opacity and scale.

4. RNB lyric video – If you are making a lyric video for rnb track take a look at footages of parties or club lights. Some gold textures will work too. Artist photos

5. Country Lyric Video – A lot of people know country as a cliche music, the same thing with videio. All the best backgrounds for country lyric video symbolizes the lyrics. Wooden textures, pictures of anything with “boots, little town, farm, guitar, truck and etc…”, fire footages.

6. Pop-Punk Lyric Video –  For a pop-punk lyric video it’s a good choice to use light textures, with slight scratches. Universal choice.

7. Post-hardcore / Metalcore Lyric Video – For this type of videos producers usually use different 3D stuff, live footage of playing band, of course some textures and some abstract moving stuff. Usually lyric video producers cut an artwork (almost all the bands have it) and make all the elements live. For example, this video for Devolver. It’s not an official artwork, it’s an original scenery created specially for one of the scenes.