How To Make a Lyric Video | Step-By-Step Guide 

Lyric videos are very popular nowadays and became a mandatory part of any promotion campaign for musicians. Bands make it, solo artists make it, labels make it, and even fans are making this! In this detailed Step-By-Step Guide you’ll know all the ways of How To Make a Lyric Video for free by yourself or by professional producers. Let’s check it out. There are 2 main ways of making animated lyric videos: by yourself or by hired company.

Lyric Video By Yourself Options:

Ful lyric video production by yourself.

You’ll need software for this, knowledge and a lot of time. I’d like to suggest you our detailed article with pictures about How To Make A Lyric Video For Youtube Shortly, the algorithm is: insert your audio, make text layers. Make some backgrounds, connect the backgrounds (photos, videos, 3d models) with your lyric layers. Animate it, and get it rendered in HD (or 4k) for youtube or vimeo or facebook. I need to warn you, that will take a lot of time and mental forces.

Lyric video production by yourself with ready-made solutions

That’s a great economy of your time and resources. With our free lyric video templates for After Effects that is real! Just drag’n’drop ready animations and customize it for your song lyrics. Download different lyric video templates with tutorials here: You may be sure, that you’ll find something suitable for your songs. We’ve done templates for Pop music, Rap, Metal, Metalcore, Rnb, EDM and many more. From Justin Bieber lyric video templates to Chainsmokers lyric video effect.

Lyric Video By Hired Company:

If you don’t want to spend time on learning how to produce lyric videos, the easiest way to get your lyric video done will be hiring a professional lyric video maker for a work on your song. You just have to work with right people. How to choose good and reliable lyric video company? I can give you an advice of course.

First of all, check out lyric video producer’s portfolio and already made lyric videos. If you like what you see – that means that you are on the right way. Then make a closer contact, ask some questions about production and time frame, ask for some ideas inspired by your music. If everything is going good, discuss project details and ask for estimated timeframe. If you want to protect yourself and to get your lyric video on time, I strongly advise asking for a contract. As this is not a must, reliable and professional lyric video studio will always agree with this and suggest you make a signed agreement.

About prices, it all depends on a project, but typical price for lyric videos lies within the range of 300$ – 600$. Also, there is such thing like prepayment. Normally, it should be 50% before the start and 50% when full video is approved and ready for sending to you (without watermarks). That’s a good scheme for producers because they are protected of non-payment and free work. And for buyers – as you can pay full amount only when you know that your video is completely ready. If studio asks for a full prepayment – that’s an alarm bell. All the fairy tales about “we need a full sum as we are professionals…” are bullshit! 99 percent of orders with prepayment end up good, there is no need in full prepayment before.

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