Nickelback band just released a new lyric video for their track “Song On Fire”. I am pretty sure that some people already want to make a similar lyric video with the same look. So, we decided to make this template available for your downloading. It’s very simple to customize this lyric video project for your song. Just place your audio, lyrics, make synchro, make fade outs and it’s ready! Also, this is pre-rendered project with backgrounds, so rendering should not take much time.

How can it be even easier? Just download our Lyric Video Maker Template #2 Nickelback Look completely free and make a similar style animated lyrics video with YOUR words and for YOUR song!

Tutorial: How to edit this Lyric Video Maker Template #2.

*REAL ACTUAL TUTORIAL WILL BE ADDED A LITTLE BIT LATER* this is from the previous project

1) First, just upload your Audio track and Video background to After Effects. We’ve made “0 Upload Your Files Here” folder for your comfort. Just File > Import > Multiple Files
2) Go to “CUSTOMIZE THIS!” and place your imported files into these Audio and Video folders

3) Go to “2 Customize Lyrics” and place your lyric line in every needed composition like Text 0, Text 1 and etc..

Make your lyric video

4) Go to “LyricVideoMakerComposition” and sync lyrics compositions with music now. Just simply place these compositions where they should be

5) Render your video, upload to youtube / facebook / vimeo and get some likes 🙂

Want such lyric video style? Just download this template for free!