Lyric Video Maker Template #5 Justin Bieber "Let Me Love You" - Free Download

With this free Justin Bieber “Let Me Love You” Lyric Video Template, you’ll be able to create high quality animated lyric videos for your band in just ~5 minutes! Quick and simple production. Just drag’n’drop fully animated compositions. Download lyric video template, customize with your lyrics, render and get your lyric video ready for release on youtube / facebook / vimeo / whatever.

No more questions like “how to make a lyric video like Justin Bieber “Let Me Love You”. No more wasting time on struggling with After Effects.

Lyric video production has never been so easy! Just download our Lyric Video Maker Template #5 Justin Bieber “Let Me Love You” completely free and make a similar style animated lyrics video with YOUR words and with YOUR song!

Tutorial: Justin Bieber - "Let Me Love You" | Lyric Video Template #5. Step-By-Step Customization.

07/15/2017 = This template is a bit more complicated than our previous ones, so full detailed tutorial will appear here a bit later.  

1) First, just upload your Audio track and change the background (if you want, it’s not necessary) into After Effects. We’ve made “Drag your Audio and Graphics Here!” folder for your comfort. Just File > Import > File

2) Play with compositions and make background animations with them.

3) Use LyricLines compositions and set up your text. Duplicate compositions for additional lines. Hotkey: CTRL+D

4) When you done, just render your lyrics video, upload to youtube / facebook / vimeo and get some likes 🙂

*If you want another backgrounds, you may download this pack here and to use liquid elements at your own. Original video for Justin Bieber was created right with the usage of these samples.

*** THE FONT IS CALLED – Aladin Regular. This is a paid option, so I can’t upload it for your download. I just can give you an advice to check out google for Aladin Regular Font download link.

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