Making of: Metal Lyric Video With 3D Animation // Ep.1


Hey to all of our lyric video maker community! I’m guessing that you are reading this article because you are interested in professional lyric video production or just want to know how to make a cool metal lyric video with 3Ds for youtube. You’l see here a short algorithm of making and some names of software programs and plugins for making lyric videos.

For this time I’d like to suggest you to check out this short “Making Of” video where Dan of GHD lyric video company will show you how 3D battlefield scene was built for a further animation. It was done for Tomorrow’s Outlook metal band from Sweden. That’s not the hardest part of the video, but it’s pretty cool, you just need the time and pretty powerful working station to create a lyric video with a similar vibe.

As you may see Dan was building the scene from the background to foreground elements. He started from making skies, just a picture. Then he added skies with After Effects plugin, then added clean 3D scene (which was created especially for this video (wide theme for another article)) with ELEMENT 3D AE PLUGIN. Textured scene elements, applied color grading. And then added a camera with the song lyrics.

Some words about color correction theme – there are no any SHOULD and MUST here, color grading is always the most creative part of work and you should leave such colors and tones which you like. Don’t be afraid of your creativity!

One little advice, if there are a lot of elements in 3D scene (or even 2D scene) don’t customize lyrics massively, try to keep them clean and simple. It will be too much if and the scene and lyrics will be “overproduced”.
And that’s it!

Thank you for reading and watching of our very-very first “Making Of Metal Lyric Video” video maker tutorial. Your feedback means a lot for us. Our content depents on what other lyric video makers want to know, please ask us if you need something special.

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