Lyric Video Maker Template #3 Metalcore - Free Download

With this free Metalcore Lyric Video Template, you’ll be able to create simple, but high quality animated lyric videos for your band in just ~5 minutes! Download lyric video template, customize with your lyrics, render and it’s ready for release on youtube / facebook / vimeo / whatever.

No more questions like “how to make a metalcore lyric video” or “how to create lyrics video like rise records”. No more wasting time on struggling with After Effects.

Lyric video production has never been so easy! Just download our Lyric Video Maker Template #3 Metalcore Look completely free and make a similar style animated lyrics video with YOUR background, YOUR words and for YOUR song!

Tutorial: Metalcore Lyric Video Template #3. Step-by-step Customization.

1) First, just upload your Audio track and change the background (if you want, it’s not necessary) into After Effects. We’ve made “Drag your Audio and Graphics Here!” folder for your comfort. Just File > Import > File

2) Go to “1 Customize Lyrics” and place your lyric line in every needed composition like Text 0, Text 1 and etc..

How to make a lyric video, lyrics customization

3) Go to “LyricVideoMakerComposition” and sync lyrics compositions with music now. You’ll get enough compositions for the first 60 seconds and then, just duplicate as any compositions as you need and drag them to the timeline. You may check out our lyric video tutorial or just ask us if you ever need some help.

4) When you are done with lyrics, just render your video, upload to youtube / facebook / vimeo and get some likes 🙂

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