To my surprise, I’ve heard this phrase a lot of times. I even could not imagine – how many people still don’t know about lyric videos! And I, as a video producer, feel like now it’s a time to open this sphere from the inside. But before we start talking about lyric videos, I’d like to write some words about my vision of business projects.

   One year ago I’ve got an idea of making this blog, but you know… It’s hard sometimes to start something new! For a long time, I’ve been thinking that if you are making a website/blog or anything else – it should be perfect from all the sides. But nowadays, looks like it’s really better just to make something, ’cause it’s impossible to build a ferrari in your garage. Just make a vehicle with wheels and motor. Upgrade it later, on your way.

   All of the great things are products of evolution, improvements and constant changes. This statement is pretty reasonable. Shortly, technically my blog is very simple now, and to be honest I’m steel feeling not good about it. But at this moment of time, I think that my content is really more important than graphic performance.

    So, about the content. I am planning to write about lyric video industry (past, nowadays, future), theory (my work schemes, plans and thoughts about idea of the work), lyric video production practice (lessons, where I’ll show you how lyric video producer works), my thoughts and observations of music industry (I’ve used to play in a band and seen a lot of things. My observations may help young bands to avoid some mistakes).

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Let’s start it!

Thank you for your time!

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