I am sure that this post is suitable not only for lyric videos, it may be suitable for every music release. Music tracks, albums, EPs, music videos, lyric videos and etc… I want to write this specifically about lyric video releases.

While lyric video has a powerful potential of getting tons of video views for a release – a lot of musicians make the same mistake again and again. They don’t do anything except just an uploading something to their social media channel. If you think that you’ll just have to upload your video to Youtube and to wake up famous… Well, I have really bad news for you in such case. It doesn’t work anymore. Even more, it’s just a fairy tale for people to believe in. It has never been working so easy.

All famous bands and musicians came to fame through a hard work in EVERY field of music business. Not only working on music, but working hard on making a music, style, brand, image, promotion, marketing and a lot of other things. For example, if Justin Bieber wasn’t showing himself playing and singing on the streets of his own city, you would never hear about who he is.

I want my customers to be successful and popular and I don’t want them to make this mistake anymore. I see how a lot of bands and solo musicians don’t pay enough attention to promotion of their stuff. While promotion is a very important part of lyric video release. I see how much mental forces and resources we put in content from both sides. From band, from producers. So why should we stop on a half way?

Let’s take a look at this. There are thousands of new lyric videos on Youtube every day. How can people find yours in this ocean of new media? No matter how cool and great it is. If people doesn’t know about it – they will NEVER see it! So, one of the most important things in lyric video release, or any release at all, it’s – PROMOTION. Of course, if you will work on it, you will get your results. But I guess you will need to leave your comfort zone and to become a “seller” of your content. Your main task is to make ALL THE F*CKN internet know that YOU’VE GOT A NEW RELEASE. Only in such case people will at leasy check your content. And some of them will become your fans and supporters.

That’s not easy, and becoming more difficult every day. But who is looking for something, will always find it. I will write about specific ways of lyric video promotion in details a bit later. If you don’t want to miss our article “How To Promote A Lyric Video” please subscribe to this blog.

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