Why Particle Footages Are So Popular In Lyric Videos?

When it comes to video production (and lyric video making and usual video editing) there is a one thing which is used massively. Particles. Dust footages with different particles may be found almost in every rock, metal, rap or any other lyric video. We even used it for our free metalcore lyric video template .
Why video producers use it regularly? Sure there are some logic reasons for this.

Lyric video makers like to use particle footages for lyric videos.

At first, such footages with particles may be used by anybody. Really, that’s very simple to use such pre-rendered footages for your video. Just add it, choose suitable compositing mode and it’s ready.

Secondly, particles add motion and dynamics. We are humans, and it’s simple to catch somebody’s attention with any type of action. Statistically, most likely viewers will watch the video where something is going on and it means that dynamic video will attract more viewers. That’s why many lyric videos were made with particle footages.

And thirdly, that’s a little producer’s lifehack. If you need to add something really quickly (because your video needs more action), and you are limited on time – particle fotoages will always be a good idea.

By the way, how to make or get such particles for your production?

1) Download pre-made footages. Some pre-rendered clips may be easily found on google with the search “particle footages”. There are free and paid options. It all depends on your choice.

2) If you are an experienced producer, you can make your pack of original footages. It may be done with some particle generators in After Effects. For example “Trapcode Particular”. But this the most time-consuming way is the best, of course. Your footages will be completely original and you will have a full control over the video look. I’ll take a look at this plugin (Trapcode Particular) in another article. That’s pretty massive.

3) Very bad option, which I can’t recommend. But anyway, it all depends on your purposes. Sometimes it may work for non-professional video production. Just find some greenscreen footages with particles on youtube for example, and use it with “Chroma Key” plugin. (it will remove greenscreen, so you can easily add this footage to your video).